Hi and welcome to my new blog! My name is Lillian, and I love to cook. I always have. Especially since I've had someone special to cook for. It's been about 6 years since I started cooking for my husband and reeled him in. Now we have 3 little kids, and my passion for food has changed a bit. I'm more aware of balance, but I also understand the value of good comfort food once in a while. My overall focus in life is to have a healthy relationship with food. No deprivation, no over-indulgence. And I've noticed a difference in my life because of it. And my kids love to eat raw vegetables just as much as a piece of cake for their afternoon snack.

I grew up in Tokyo, where I was surrounded by good food. Tokyo is a serious foodie city, and I was spoiled in that regard. Japanese people have a high standard for food. It's all beautiful and delicious and often very healthy. It is an art and is highly respected. I've tried to continue in the tradition of my heritage, and serve food that is visually appealing, delicious, and still falls into the category of everyday cooking. And when it doesn't, I try to really savor and enjoy it--as all good food deserves.

I come from 3+ years of experience food blogging. I loved that experience, and I love reading my old blog and seeing how much I've grown. I decided to start this blog because I needed a new place to share my new voice because it has changed so much. And I'm so excited for this new adventure.

Thanks for visiting. Please stay a while and comment!